About the Author

Siony Hijara is presently the Site Director and General Manager of PanAsiatic Call Centers, one of the largest foreign-owned call center enterprises in Bacolod City. She started her career in customer service at a young age. She brings with her a genuine insight in Customer Experiences and Usability within the BPO and Contact Center industry, with over 10 years of experience from software development, market research and in providing support for the telecommunications sector.

In 2010, she came to Bacolod City and help build PanAsiatic Call Centers from the day it broke ground, to the time it hired the first 200 agents until it became a fully operational facility, an imposing landmark that it is today with over 3,000 agents.

As a Registered COPC Coordinator and a Six Sigma BB Certified, her expertise in streamlining operations, reducing costs, and maximizing organizational efficiency makes her a valuable asset to every organization committed to achieving operational excellence through the COPC Performance Management System.

She is Web passionate, loves blogging and has interests in nature, photography and technology in general.