Wednesday, September 9, 2009

COPC Inc. Official Forum

It's been awhile since I had this site up but it took me almost forever to come up with its first entry. I got caught up with my schedule since I moved to my ICT Group as their Site QA Manager for their Cebu Operations.

Anyway, I have an important updates that might interest COPC advocates, enthusiasts and practitioners -- COPC Inc. Official Forum is now at LinkedIn!

About a year ago, I was searching for any COPC groups to join at LinkedIn and when I found none, I contacted Elizabeth Prakasam of COPC Asia and asked her if I can go ahead and create a group for COPC Professionals. With her "yes", I formed the group hoping I could get to interact COPC practitioners and share best practices with them.

Since then the group grew in numbers and even core members of COPC joined. But still it did not totally address the objectives I had in mind when I formed the group. Few weeks back, I was lucky enough to get to interact with Judi Brenstein, Sr. Associate of COPC, Inc. and was so happy to learn that COPC finally have an official forum!

I decided to delete the group COPC Professionals and asked all members to join COPC Inc. Official Forum as I'm sure there will be lots of relevant topics that will be discussed there and for sure members can share best practices and hopefully leveraged on it in their respective organizations.

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