Saturday, July 14, 2012

Communicating A Task

It's been awhile since I last posted something here.

The Call Center I am managing (which has kept me busy all this time!) will be turning 2 years next month. How time flies. I am proud to say that from the initial 20 people I hired last July 2010, we are now around 2000. Yes, we grew at a very fast rate...and we did have several growing pains.

Starting up a team from scratch is no joke! The first challenge there is sending your point across.

While some managers find it a waste of time explaining to people the rationale behind every project or task, I believe it is important and necessary as it can make or unmake a project or task.

The traditional line "Because I say so!" in response to that common question "Why?" not only generates protest from teenager towards their parents, it also creates "passive resistance" among employees. That means, they may shut up and not argue nor discuss their concerns...but they may also not deliver what is expected at the end of the day. I have learned the hard way that the worst enemy in finishing a project is exactly that - passive resistance and the hardest to deal with. Why? Because it hits you on the nose unaware as you seldom see it coming. Not because they want to screw up a project...sometimes it's just that they lack the understanding. It is when people understand that start to care. When they care, things are done right to the best of their abilities. At least that is what I believe. So I always take time explaining to my people and in making them understand every task assigned to them. Not because I am trying to get their buy in...but because I want them accountable. You can't make somebody accountable to something that they are not involved with...and they can't be involved with something they don't understand.

That is one simple philosophy that I have that allowed me to work with people.

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